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Cybersecurity Readiness Assessments

Cybersecurity Readiness Assessments

Quick Overview
Cyber threats come in all shapes, sizes, complexity and are ever-evolving. Attacks are causing great financial loss and serious damage to companies. It is essential for organizations to establish a baseline for identify critical components that must be incorporated into any cybersecurity risk management approach. In this CPE course, you will learn how to keep abreast of the latest cybersecurity trends, manage risks and ensure clients have a sound risk management program to safeguard their organization. Cybersecurity yields potential business opportunities for a firm to better serve its clients. Once a baseline has been established in the Cybersecurity Risk Management Program Essentials course, firms can take these competencies and conduct readiness assessments for their clients through consulting or advisory services.

Credits - 6.00
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Mark Burnette, CPA, CISA, CISSP, CISM, QSA

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Topics discussed

Apply knowledge of an effective cybersecurity risk management program to analyze a client's program and conduct a readiness assessment, Differentiate the various frameworks available (eg, NIST, ISO, TSC, and/or hybrid) and apply which is better as well as when/how to use it, Apply tests to client's cybersecurity controls and other risk management activities based on existing frameworks, Identify client recommendations for improvements based on readiness/assessment procedures


Cybersecurity risks to businesses and firms, Different cybersecurity controls frameworks (ie, NIST, ISO, TSC, etc), Elements of a cybersecurity risk management, Internal controls and other risk management activities

Designed for

Firm practitioners performing consulting or advisory services