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Upcoming Peer Review: Is Your Firm Ready?

Upcoming Peer Review: Is Your Firm Ready?

Quick Overview
This CPE course will help you identify and prevent the most common significant deficiencies that peer reviews uncover, implement a process to select the appropriate peer reviewer, and determine the right review year-end for your firm. This course also examines the additional issues that may come into play if you have specialized engagements such as governmental units, not-for-profit organizations, construction contractors, or employee benefit plans.

Credits - 4.50
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Jim Woy, CPA

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Topics discussed

What to do between reviews to maintain a quality control environment and continually prepare for the next review, Common engagement deficiencies and how to prevent them, Selection process—the peer reviewer and the review year-end, Quality control standards overview, What you need to assemble for your reviewer, Peer review wrap-up expectations, Solutions to common quality control issues


Create a firm environment that focuses on quality control, Understand the basic steps for monitoring and inspections, Establish a quality control system based on the Quality Control Standards, Recognize significant recurring engagement deficiencies and how to prevent them, Prepare for your next peer review – decisions to make and pulling together the right information

Designed for

Practitioners subject to peer review who are involved in compiling, reviewing, or auditing financial statements of small and midsize businesses