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The Finance & Accounting Organization as a Strategist and Partner to the Business

The Finance & Accounting Organization as a Strategist and Partner to the Business

Quick Overview
How have successful finance and accounting organizations shed the image of policeman even in the wake of added controls in order to become partners and strategists to the business? It is because they accept technical competence as a necessity and build additional skill sets in business management. They spend more time developing and managing critical relationships in order to learn more about the business they are in, its customers, and the competition. This course will review how to recognize and build business acumen and develop the talent and the processes to enhance key relationships.

Credits - 1.00
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Dr. Alan Patterson

Field(s) of study

Business Management and Organization

Level of difficulty


Topics discussed

Business partner best practices and skill sets, How to build a base of credibility and trust, Organizational structure that showcases the partnership role, The key elements of the talent development process, How to retain your best employees


Assess the current organization against the nine criteria needed for successful internal partnerships, Gain an understanding of the process for developing talent and how it contributes to success in the business partner role, Recognize and build business acumen and manage the key relationships needed to achieve business partner status

Designed for

CFOs with the finance and accounting leadership team, Financial executives with their team members, Financial project managers and implementation teams