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Protecting Your Client and Your Firm from Tax Return Identity Theft

Protecting Your Client and Your Firm from Tax Return Identity Theft

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Identity theft has become a serious issue with clients and practitioners alike. Fifty-nine percent of CPAs who answered the 2015 tax software survey conducted by the Tax Adviser and Journal of Accountancy said at least one of their clients was a victim of tax identity theft in the 2016 filing season. Covering cyber security and identity theft issues, this course will cover best practices for your firm and client data. This course provides examples of the ramifications of data loss and how it impacted the practitioner and the client so that in the event a breach does occur, you will know the steps to remedy the situation and prevent the problem from happening again.

Credits - 4.50
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Dr. Robert K. Minniti, DBA, CPA, CFE, CFF, MAFF, CGMA, CrFA, CVA, PI

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Topics discussed

The impact on practitioners when a data breach occurs, Types of identity theft, Obtaining the victim's information, Tools used in identity theft investigations, Finding identifying information on the Internet, Investigating identity theft, Detecting and preventing identity theft


Recognize the dangers of identity theft, Recognize the legal requirements of protecting taxpayer information, Identify types of tax return identity fraud, Identify best practices to protect taxpayer information, Identify steps to take if a breach does occur, Arm your practice with tips and tricks to become an ally to your clients

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Tax practitioners in public practice