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Tax Reform's Impact on Outbound Taxation

Tax Reform's Impact on Outbound Taxation

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The monumental passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act resulted in historic tax reform affecting nearly every American. This CPE course provides a comprehensive overview of the changes affecting individuals and families, as well as critical financial planning considerations and strategies.

Credits - 3.00
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David Sites, CPA, Grant Thornton

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Topics discussed

Overview of international tax reform, Overview of business provisions (Non-international), Rate cut, Cost recovery, IRC Section 163(j), Modification of NOL rules, Carried interest, Sale and exchanges of partnership interests, The international provisions, Quasi-territorial, Dividends received deduction, Sales and transfers of 10 percent owned foreign corporations, Foreign branch loss transfer recapture, Treatment of deferred foreign income (one-time tax), Examples


Recognize the basic provisions enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), Identify the major international provisions of the new income tax laws, Determine how the significant changes to international tax laws should be applied, Recognize the computation steps of calculating the one-time tax introduced by the TCJA legislation

Designed for

CPAs, tax professionals, and other qualified professionals with basic knowledge of, and interest in, international tax, Management accountants and business team members involved in corporate tax function